Welcome to the all new JordanCards.com

After many months of work in my spare time I am finally pleased to release the completely revamped JordanCards.com!

The new site takes advantage of modern technologies such as:

  • Utilising a standard content management system so I can more easily update the site
  • Displaying differently across different screen sizes to ensure optimal mobile and tablet viewing
  • Featuring short URLs and scannable QR codes for any time you want to bring a page up quickly on your mobile device
  • You can stay up-to-date by subscribing to email updates to be alerted each time I add a new blog post
  • You can discuss the topics with other collectors by leaving a comment after any blog article
  • Blog articles are now fully categorised to enable easy browsing across topics – just look to the left to view all categories
  • At the end of all articles are suggestions of other articles which may interest you

Additionally the sections allowing you to browse listings for sale on eBay now allow you to change the ordering of results and see players other than Michael Jordan if you wish – great for those times you’re looking to complete an insert set and Jordan is only one of many players you need!

And finally a completely revisited design is in place. The design features 100% high resolution capacity for those with HiDPI monitors such as Apple’s MacBook Pro which really shows off those Jordans!

As always I’m keen to hear feedback, issues or queries however I do receive a lot of emails so it can be some time before I’m able to get back to you.

I hope you enjoy the new site and happy collecting!