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A guide to collecting, buying and selling the best Michael Jordan trading cards
Welcome to the all new

Welcome to the all new

After many months of work in my spare time I am finally please to release the completely revamped! Read more »

Michael Jordan Fleer Retro Inserts

Michael Jordan Fleer Retro Inserts

Regular readers will know what a big fan I am of classic re-releases of past awesome inserts. The 11-12 UD Fleer Retro takes this to a new level! This set brings back some of the most coveted classic Jordan inserts from Fleer and Skybox - only now Michael Jordan (and all other players) are featured in their college teams! Read more »

Unique Error 93-94 Members Only Beam Team

Unique Error 93-94 Beam Team

A very rare and unique second variation error 93-94 Michael Jordan Members Only Beam Team has shown up for sale on eBay - and sold for 10 times the average sale price of Jordan 93-94 Beam Teams! Read more »

84-85 Star #101 - XRC or true Michael Jordan Rookie card?

84-85 Star #101 – XRC or True Rookie Card?

I conducted a roundtable discussion with three very knowledgeable collectors to look at the status of the 1984-85 Star #101 Michael Jordan card. The question on the table was: “Is the 84-85 Star #101 card Michael Jordan’s true rookie card and why/why not? Why is it that the card is designated an XRC by most collectors?” Read more »

96-97 SP Michael Jordan #16 with unusual extended holograph effect

96-97 SP #16 with Unusual Holograph Effect

A fellow collector sent in a couple of scans of his very unusual pack pulled 1996-97 SP #16 card asking if I had any information about the card's origins. This one stumped not only me but also several other collectors and resulted in varying information from Beckett and Upper Deck. Read more »

91 Michael Jordan Hoops Prototypes Metal

91 Michael Jordan Hoops Prototypes Metal

I've been talking to reader Chip Leakas of Newport, RI about a Hoops Metal card he had after receiving it directly from the manufacturer back in 1991. Chip shares his very interesting story in this post and is also offering the card for sale right now! Read more »