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A guide to collecting, buying and selling the best Michael Jordan trading cards
.cards domain names

.cards Top Level Domain Now Available

The .cards domain names are now available and present a fantastic opportunity for those owning or contemplating a trading cards website. Read more »

93-94 Beam Team Members Only Gold Stamp

93-94 Beam Team Members Only Gold Stamp

A BGS 9.5 Michael Jordan Beam Team Members Only Gold Stamp error card shows up along with the Patrick Ewing version. Read more »

2013-14 Michael Jordan Fleer Retro Inserts

2013-14 Fleer Retro Inserts

The all new 2013-14 Fleer Retro inserts with Michael Jordan retro Scoring Kings, Power in the Key, PMGs, Team Leader and more. Read more »

Top 10 Late 90's Michael Jordan Inserts

Top 10 Michael Jordan Cards – Late 90’s Inserts

A guide to the top 10 Michael Jordan inserts from the late 1990's. Read more »

Welcome to the all new

Welcome to the all new

After many months of work in my spare time I am finally pleased to release the completely revamped! Read more »

Michael Jordan Fleer Retro Inserts

Michael Jordan Fleer Retro Inserts

Regular readers will know what a big fan I am of classic re-releases of past awesome inserts. The 11-12 UD Fleer Retro takes this to a new level! This set brings back some of the most coveted classic Jordan inserts from Fleer and Skybox - only now Michael Jordan (and all other players) are featured in their college teams! Read more »

Unique Error 93-94 Members Only Beam Team

Unique Error 93-94 Beam Team

A very rare and unique second variation error 93-94 Michael Jordan Members Only Beam Team has shown up for sale on eBay - and sold for 10 times the average sale price of Jordan 93-94 Beam Teams! Read more »

84-85 Star #101 - XRC or true Michael Jordan Rookie card?

84-85 Star #101 – XRC or True Rookie Card?

I conducted a roundtable discussion with three very knowledgeable collectors to look at the status of the 1984-85 Star #101 Michael Jordan card. The question on the table was: “Is the 84-85 Star #101 card Michael Jordan’s true rookie card and why/why not? Why is it that the card is designated an XRC by most collectors?” Read more »