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A guide to collecting the best Michael Jordan cards


A bit about me, my collection and the website.

Hello and welcome to As an avid Michael Jordan and basketball card fan, I found myself regularly carrying out a plethora of saved searches on eBay, just waiting for that rare card I was after to pop up. This was a tedious, time-consuming task and occasionally meant I missed a bargain - thus this website was born. began as a way for me to keep on top of new eBay listings of Michael Jordan cards on my want list. I wrote a small script to run from my computer which would periodically download eBay RSS feeds, weed out just the cards I was interested in and categorise the results for me. No more would those bargains or rare cards escape my watchful eye.

This wasn't a tool I could keep to myself too long and before I knew it I had put together the site you see today.

I also have a section where I will occasionally write about a featured Jordan card and a blog where I will share some of my knowledge and experience garnered from my years of collecting basketball cards. I don't sell any cards through this site myself - it is merely a discussion of Jordan cards and a connection of eBay listings.

Recently I have also added the Michael Jordan cards price guide. Starting at 1984, I will work through all Jordan Cards to the present and list the approximate price you could expect to pay or sell the card online. As you will see, these values are often very different to book values.

I hope you find this website useful and good luck tracking down some awesome MJ cards!
Matt Cassidy