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A guide to collecting the best Michael Jordan cards

How to become a respected Michael Jordan cards dealer

How would you like to run a Jordan cards dealing business online? Trade in Jordan cards and you can invest the profits back into your collection.
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Dealing in Michael Jordan trading cards online can be a profitable and enjoyable side business. You get to scour the Internet for bargain Jordan cards and bargain lots then sell them, all the while building your reputation and thus your profitability.

To begin trading in Jordan cards on eBay you will need to know your product. If you don’t already have an idea of what is popular, watch the listings of some respected online traders. See what they list and what the cards sell for. Our Jordan cards price guide will also help give you an idea of what you could expect to sell cards for.

Make sure you are well versed in determining the condition of cards before you begin buying and selling. You need to describe the cards you have for sale very accurately if you are to build a good reputation. Beckett have published a very good card grading scheme.

Now you are ready to source your stock - the fun part! There are regularly great bulk lots of Michael Jordan cards available for sale on eBay. Bulk lots are the most cost effective way of sourcing stock to then on sell. Additionally, seeking out lead of others looking to sell their lots in person will help you avoid fees and shipping.

Once you have your stock you are ready to begin selling. This will take some trial and error - particularly while you build a reputation. Start with less expensive cards and slowly introduce those which sell for higher amounts.

All the best of luck getting into Jordan cards dealing!