Buying graded Michael Jordan cards is without a doubt the safest way to buy new cards for your collection. These cards have been checked, verified authentic, given a rating as to its quality, and securely stored in a tamper-proof case by knowledgeable people. BGS and PSA are two of the most trusted grading sources for Jordan cards – below are cards available on eBay for sale now.

If you’d like an introduction to graded cards please see my blog post: Graded Michael Jordan Cards.

Due to the security and costs involved in having cards graded you will always be faced with a premium cost. However for any decent sized ticket items or cards commonly counterfeited you are always best to buy graded cards only.

Buying graded cards will give you the peace of mind that you know exactly what you are purchasing. You will not have concerns about counterfeit cards or sellers who try to misrepresent the quality of the card.

Remember to do your research as even card grading slabs can be counterfeited – always buy from a reputable source.

Check back here regularly for the current graded Jordan cards available for sale on eBay.

Buying highly graded Michael Jordan cards

If you’re here looking to buy a particularly graded Michael Jordan cards take a look at the links below. Otherwise further below you will find a range of all the currently available PSA and BGS graded Michael Jordan cards.