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A guide to collecting the best Michael Jordan cards
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94-95 Michael Jordan N-Tense

Bold, bright, embossed, stunning in hand 1994-95 insert featuring Jordan in the #45 jersey.
Skybox E-Motion N-Tense
Michael Jordan

During the 1994-95 season Skybox released their first high end product - Skybox E-Motion. The Skybox E-Motion set was printed on extra thick card stock (at about twice the thickness of other card stock) and incorporated high gloss photography and soapy colored foil stamping.

Included in this set was the very nice N-Tense insert set. The N-Tense cards feature a completely gold foil, high gloss background with textured edges. In addition this card is one of only a handful which includes Michael Jordan wearing his number 45 jersey. (He wore this number for less than one season after returning to the NBA after his first retirement.)

This card has spectacular looks, is made with thick stock making it very conditionally strong, shows Jordan wearing the number 45 jersey and is somewhat rare. It will make an excellent addition to your Michael Jordan cards collection and won’t break the bank in the process!

94-95 Michael Jordan N-Tense

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