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96-97 Topps Chrome Michael Jordan Refractor

The Topps Chrome release has stood the test of time and you can see why with the photography chosen coupled with the refractor coating here.
Topps Chrome Refractor
Michael Jordan

The Topps Chrome Refractors are hot cards.

The regular Topps issue for 1996-97 continued Topps’ classic, simple design paired with a simple gold foil Topps logo.

Then the Topps Chrome release paralleled the regular issue with the Topps Chrome overlay. A chromium style overlay coated the card - paired with the simple design this really stands out. The Topps logo received an upgrade to the chrome Topps Chrome logo.

As a parallel in the Topps Chrome set we finally have the Topps Chrome Refractor. This adds the beautiful refractor coating to the already fantastic Topps Chrome Jordan card.

Refractors have to be seen in person to truly appreciate this amazing technology. The subtle design of this card really allows the photo to pop with the refractor surface.

Speaking of the photo - Topps have chosen a classic Jordan style aggressive move to the rim against two Heat players including Alonzo Mourning. Not only is this a special Jordan card it would be one of the nicest Mourning shadow cards out there.

These are valuable cards and do not come up for sale often. Keep an eye here for cards for sale on eBay.

96-97 Topps Chrome Michael Jordan Refractor

96-97 Topps Chrome Michael Jordan Refractor for sale on eBay now

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