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A guide to collecting the best Michael Jordan cards
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Autographed Michael Jordan Cards

Trading cards autographed by Michael Jordan - it is recommended to only buy certified authentic and slabbed MJ autos.

Michael Jordan autograph cards hold serious value - after all they’ve been signed by the greatest athlete of all time.

Thankfully there is usually a wide variety of options for buyers of Jordan auto cards available for sale. These include:

  • Product released autos (those out of a pack or via redemption)
  • In-person autograph cards (obtained in person by fans)
  • Buyback autos (cards bought back from the secondary market by Upper Deck, signed and re-distributed via redemption or in packs)

The cards themselves can be either signed on-card or through use of a ‘sticker auto’ where stickers are signed by the player to be affixed to cards at a latter date.

Be aware that counterfeiting autographs is a rampant problem so you should never buy an autographed card unless it is graded or you have a strong understanding of the player’s signature. Regardless of grading, it is a good idea to become familiar with Jordan’s autograph.

If you’re interested in choosing a Michael Jordan autograph card, take a look at the listings of cards for sale on eBay right now below.

Autographed Michael Jordan Cards

Autographed Michael Jordan Cards for sale on eBay now

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