92-93 Michael Jordan Fleer Team Leader

92-93 Michael Jordan
Fleer Team Leader

It is no secret on this site that I am a big fan of the 80’s and early 90’s Michael Jordan cards – the age and ‘old school’ appeal make cards of this era fantastic standout pieces in any collection.

A must for fans of the era is the 1992-93 Fleer Michael Jordan Team Leader. Available only in rack packs back in the early 90’s, this card is widely considered the most rare and sought after of the 92-93 Fleer set. It features Jordan taking a rebound leading his team to another straight NBA final in the 92-93 season.

At over twenty years old finding a mint condition copy of the card can be hard and expensive however there are often a few showing up on eBay for sale. The card can attract a fair amount of interest pushing its value higher.

Watch out for centering issues and front and back chipping issues of the blue borders. As with any cards this age the surface can also be somewhat worn.

I highly recommend this card for serious collectors – good luck tracking down a nice copy for your collection!