95 Michael Jordan Top Prospects Autograph

95 Michael Jordan
Top Prospects Autograph

The 1995 Top Prospects Michael Jordan Autograph card is easily one of the most sought after and awe inspiring Michael Jordan cards available – particularly among collectors who focus on Jordan’s playing days only.

This card is considered by many to be Jordan’s first on card autograph card (there is a little contention as it is from a baseball set and Collectors Choice issued the Jordan Blow-Ups Box Topper Autograph card around the same time). It was not numbered as today’s cards are so there is no true indication of the number of autos distributed with guesses varying wildly.

Additionally the card features a nice die cut design and shows Jordan as a member of the Barons Baseball team. This is truly an iconic baseball card of a basketball legend.

Copies do turn up for sale on eBay from time to time so keep an eye on this page if you are keen however expect to pay a lot as this is one of THE Michael Jordan cards to own.

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