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1997-98 Topps Finest Michael Jordan Refractors – Standard

As always Topps Finest produced a parallel series of refractor cards for each and every base card in the 1997-98 set. These are:

  • #39 Bronze ‘Finishers’ Refractor
  • #154 Gold ‘Masters’ Refractor
  • #227 Bronze ‘Show Stoppers’ Refractor
  • #287 Silver ‘Creators’ Refractor

These four Michael Jordan refractors parallel the base cards exactly with the addition of the spectacular Topps Finest light refracting coating on the surface which can only be truly appreciated in person – viewing the card at angles refracts the light back beautifully.

Two of these cards are serial numbered:

  • #154 Gold ‘Masters’ Refractor is numbered to 289
  • #287 Silver ‘Creators’ Refractor is numbered to 1090

These cards are a must to add to your collection – they are absolutely spectacular! Prices for ungraded near mint / mint copies are approximately:

  • #39 Bronze ‘Finishers’ Refractor – $25
  • #154 Gold ‘Masters’ Refractor – $250
  • #227 Bronze ‘Show Stoppers’ Refractor – $20
  • #287 Silver ‘Creators’ Refractor – $60

If you’d like to add these refractors to your collection check out the cards for sale right now on eBay:

1997-98 Finest Michael Jordan Refractors – Embossed

Can you see how these cards can start to get confusing – we now have a parallel of a parallel! Topps Finest released atomic refractor versions of the two very nice Embossed cards as the (intended) flagship inserts of this series. The cards are:

  • #154 Gold ‘Masters’ Embossed Die Cut Refractor card
  • #287 Silver ‘Creators’ Embossed Refractor card

These cards differ from standard refractors in that they feature the atomic refractor pattern which is absolutely amazing. They retain the embossed front of the original embossed insert and as a result do not feature a protective coating. The Embossed Refractors were inserted at a rate of one in 1152 packs and serial numbered to 74 for the gold and 263 for the silver.

They are not commonly available for sale on eBay and when they do turn up they attract a good amount of attention:

  • #154 Gold ‘Masters’ Embossed Die Cut Refractor card – over $1000 (too few sales to be sure)
  • #287 Silver ‘Creators’ Embossed Refractor card – $300

If you’re lucky you might find an embossed refractor up for sale on eBay through the link below:

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