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A guide to collecting the best Michael Jordan cards

1986-87 Jersey Fusion 2024 set

Jersey Fusion have announced the 2024 basketball set - it includes 50 complete 86-87 Fleer sets, 125 Jordan rookie cards, 1 autographed Jordan rookie card and over 100 other players with autographed cards.
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The idea behind the Jersey Fusion sets is an interesting one: pair a trading card with an authentic player used piece of memorabilia in a repack product. Jersey Fusion would take a trading card, encase it with a swatch of player used memorabilia, add a QR code to view the entire player used piece which the swatch was cut from along with authentication information and distribute in packs of one.

In practice, however, the swatch and other markings - which sat above the card in the case - usually detracted from the card giving an overall untidy feel. Sometimes the swatches were messily cut and looked ragged, other times star players were obscured with swatches (such as Julius Erving on the 1980 Topps Bird, Erving, Magic Jersey Fusion RC). Additionally, there was no option to grade the piece as-is.

Past Jordan Jersey Fusion cards
1980 Topps Bird / Erving / Johnson RC Jersey Fusion
1980 Topps Bird / Erving / Johnson RC Jersey Fusion

In the past, Beckett have offered a service where collectors could add an authentic swatch to their BGS slab. The swatch would sit within the slab, above the card to the right of the grade flip. There was no impedance over the card itself - just a piece of memorabilia in the slab along with the card.

Beckett slab with game used patch - the crowd are certainly happy with MJ's work in this photo!

Jersey Fusion and BGS/BAS

For their 2024 basketball release, Jersey Fusion have worked with Beckett to overcome some of the problems of the past including the layering of the swatch over the card and lack of ability to grade.

Not only that but - the most exciting thing about the 2024 release - they are focusing entirely on 1986-87 Fleer in this set. Jersey Fusion have repacked at least 50 examples of each card of 1986-87 Fleer.

Their marketing material proudly announces that this product will feature 125 Michael Jordan rookie cards with one copy autographed in thick, black ink and authenticated by BGS. In addition, there are two autographed Michael Jordan rookie stickers available and over 100 other players include autographed cards.

Each card is authenticated and graded by BGS/BAS with the addition of a Jersey Fusion denotion on the flip. As per Beckett’s memorabilia placement in the past, these slabs feature the player used piece to the right of the flip. The swatches have come from a range of pieces such as jerseys, balls, shoes, floor and warm up gear.

2024 Jersey Fusion Michael Jordan rookie autograph


The complete checklist is not yet finalised as at the time of writing. This will be released once the set becomes available to the public later this month. You can take a look at what has been released so far on the memorabilia used as well as autograph availability.

86-87 Fleer repack availability

Repacks can be a lot of fun - being essentially a lottery, they can be an inexpensive chance at a high-end card. Many years back I bought a Hit Parade PSA 8 single set 86-87 Fleer repack - the excitement is real busting a pack with a 1 in 142 chance of a PSA 8 MJ #57! (Mine was not MJ…) I’m not sure if the odds can be calculated on the Jersey Fusion repack here but the marketing material is clear that 125 MJ rookie cards - including one autographed - are on offer.

Availability of the 1986-87 Collection Jersey Fusion begins on June 21, 2024 though you can pre-order now.

I do look forward to seeing these - particularly the autographed cards - reach the marketplace. Jersey Fusion are even offering to trade the first complete set of “The 1986-87 Collection” for an autographed Jordan game used jersey from 91-92.

If you have a story to share on repack sets at all please feel free to write in and happy collecting.