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A guide to collecting the best Michael Jordan cards

Michael Jordan Cards are popular as ever in Australia

In his prime Michael Jordan was massive in Australia and his cards were not far behind. Air Jordan is a popular as ever in Australia with a very healthy marketplace for his cards and memorabilia.
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One quarter of visitors to this website and all but one enquiries regarding buying and selling bulk Michael Jordan card lots coming through the site have come from Australia. Our most trusted Jordan cards dealer, Hanizena (interview with Hanizena), is Australian and a quick look over the Jordan listings on eBay Australia shows a very healthy marketplace.

Michael Jordan is popular down under!

This is not something that should be ignored by any US Jordan cards dealer.

Tap into the Australian market

Take the time to determine shipping costs to Australia and be prepared to ship goods there. The increased interest in your items may push their value higher. Don’t be afraid of the exchange rate. Australia is currently enjoying a currency almost on par with the US dollar. As a result cards from the US market are cheaper than ever for Australian buyers.

Detail overseas shipping times

Make it attractive for overseas buyers by being completely up front about what shipping will cost and the time it will take to arrive. If you have experience in sending items overseas then say so.

Combine postage on multiple orders

If a buyer is interested in one of your cards and you ship multiple items for a nominal additional fee then your other items becoming more enticing - especially if a package will be traveling overseas.

Make sure it is clear you are based overseas

Some buyers simply do not like to buy from overseas sellers so make sure you make it clear where you are based.

Package the cards well

Sending a package overseas is very different to sending a package domestically. Place the cards individually into soft sleeves, then individually into hard top loaders (not the flimsy ones), seal with a team bag or painters tape, bind the lot between two pieces of cardboard and finally wrap the package in bubble wrap. You want repeat customers so make sure there is no way the cards will be damaged on the long trip.

Check the market in Australia

If you are not a Michael Jordan cards dealer but a US based collector the Australian marketplace could be a fertile ground to track down some great cards. Wait until the exchange rate returns to its usual state and you may find cards considerably cheaper than buying within the US.

The level of Australian interest in Jordan cards has prompted us to include a drop-down menu on each page that allows you to set the eBay listings shown to be from either eBay US or eBay Australia.

Good luck trading Jordans in the ever-shrinking world and don’t forget to think outside the box.