So you’re interested in either buying or selling Jordan trading cards through online auction sites such as eBay. But first you need to work out the answer to one question: What are Michael Jordan cards worth online?

As with any marketplace, prices in online auction sites are ruled by supply and demand. If you are after a card with high supply and low demand you can expect to pay around one quarter or less of the book value. A card with low supply and high demand can be worth up to and sometimes slightly over the book value.

There are other factors also at play in online auction stores that can factor the value of a card:

  • Quality of the listing. Better quality listings with high resolution photos tend to sell for higher prices as long as the demand for the card exists.
  • Reputation of the seller. Sellers with a high reputation who slowly list their merchandise for sale tend to sell their goods at a higher price. This higher price buys you the peace of mind that you will receive a high quality card.
  • Seasonal factors. At times when the general public is more aware of Michael Jordan (such as his induction into the Hall of Fame) you can expect demand on his memorabilia to increase.

If you are interested in a certain card you may also want to look up the previous sales prices on eBay by conducting a completed listing search. There are also websites which list the completed sale prices of Michael Jordan cards and online card price guides.

We also have a Jordan Cards Price Guide which lists prices you could expect to see for cards sold online.

Generally, online, cards rarely sell for their book value. So you can bid knowing you probably won’t have to go that high… how high exactly you should go in your bidding will take some research.