95-96 Michael Jordan Flair Hardwood Leader

95-96 Michael Jordan
Flair Hardwood Leader

The 1995-96 Flair Michael Jordan Hardwood Leader card is another of the 95-96 era which was printed on extra thick card stock (when compared with the standard stock used in most sets). The Flair brand was produced by Fleer as their high end product of the 1995-96 season.

The Hardwood Leader insert set was released as a fairly common but nice insert. The card features a hardwood coloured and key designed background with Jordan on the attack. It also has gold foil stamps for Jordan’s name, the Flair brand stamp and the Chicago Bulls logo.

The nicest cards don’t need to be the rarest or the most expensive. This card represents a nice and well aged insert from a high end brand which you can add to your collection for around only $2.50. Be sure to check out this card – it is too nice an inexpensive to pass up!