95-96 Michael Jordan Flair Hot Numbers

95-96 Michael Jordan
Flair Hot Numbers

This card is a spectacular card – it is the flagship of the high end brand Flair for the 1995-96 season. (The picture to the right does not do this card justice!)

The Michael Jordan Flair Hot Numbers cards features Michael Jordan printed in 3D photographs with each appearing as you view the card from different angles – this is no standard card!

The background of the card features a range of Jordan’s ‘Hot Numbers’ which also move as you change your viewing angle of the card.

The Jordan Hot Numbers is a very rare and somewhat expensive card. It shows up in low numbers on eBay at any given time and will usually sell for around the $75 mark. However a card like this should be in every serious collection – given cards a visual pieces your collection should pack the punch that this beautiful Jordan card does.

Be sure to check back regularly as there are always new Jordans appearing for sale on eBay.