07-08 Michael Jordan Upper Deck Die Cut All Star

07-08 Michael Jordan
Upper Deck Die Cut
All Star

Any regular readers of the website will know that I am a massive fan of this style of insert card!

The key styled set was first released by Upper Deck in the 1993-94 season – it was instantly a hit. The card really grabs the feel of the game by accurately mimicking the look and feel of the key of the basketball court.

The style has been re-released many times by Upper Deck with options for most popular players of the modern era – this means you can collect many of your favorite players in this style card.

As the card is a die cut make sure you check the edges and all corners carefully before buying as there are plenty of places where the foil can chip or the corners can blunt.

The 2007-08 Michael Jordan Die Cut All-Star is a very rare insert which turns up only occasionally on eBay. Be sure to check back regularly to catch the card appear for sale!