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A guide to collecting the best Michael Jordan cards
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07-08 Michael Jordan Die-Cut All-Star

The classic design from 1994 gets another Jordan card from Upper Deck in 2007.

Any regular readers of the website will know that I am a massive fan of this style of insert card.

The key styled set was first released by Upper Deck in the 1993-94 season - it was instantly a hit. The card really grabs the feel of the game by accurately mimicking the look and feel of the key of the basketball court.

The style has been re-released many times by Upper Deck with options for most popular players of the modern era - this means you can collect many of your favorite players in this style card.

The 2007-08 Michael Jordan Die Cut All-Star is a very rare insert which turns up only occasionally on eBay. Be sure to check back regularly to catch the card appear for sale!

07-08 Michael Jordan Die-Cut All-Star

07-08 Michael Jordan Die-Cut All-Star for sale on eBay now

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