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84-85 Bulls Pocket Schedule

The 1984-85 Bulls Pocket Schedule - released before the 84-85 Star Co #101 and 86-87 Fleer #57 - makes special mention of the Bulls' 1st round draft pick rookie Michael Jordan. Available in with 10 advertiser variations.
Pocket Schedule
Michael Jordan

Orlando Woolridge has eyes only for the rim as he lays up over Larry Bird’s defenses on the cover to the 1984-85 Bulls Pocket Schedule.

This schedule make special mention of the Bulls’ new rookie Michael Jordan - something which is not commonplace - and is available in ten advertiser variants:

  • Wind TalkRadio
  • Sylvania
  • Sportmart
  • Philco
  • Ace Hardware
  • Job Cigarette
  • Sun-Times
  • Canon
  • Gibson
  • Budweiser

You may be interested in checking out my article including a full gallery of the 84-85 Pocket Schedule advertiser variants.

These pocket schedules pre-date both the 84-85 Star Co #101 and 86-87 Fleer #57 cards.

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    84-85 Bulls Pocket Schedule

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