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84-85 Star Co Michael Jordan XRC

The True Michael Jordan Rookie Card - the Michael Jordan Star #101
Star Co
Michael Jordan

The Star Co Michael Jordan XRC #101 is a card I’ve discussed at length (along with many guest contributors) on this website. It is possibly the most sought after Michael Jordan card in relation to its availability and as a must have card for serious Jordan card collections.

It encapsulates history from the early days of Jordan’s career, has an interesting history of its own with the debate around the Star Co standing in the hobby, many consider it the true Michael Jordan rookie card and can still be quite easily tracked down for sale on eBay.

When looking to add this card to your collection I recommend only buying BGS (and as of 2022 PSA) graded copies or direct from well know and respected dealers such as Steve Taft’s eBay store.

84-85 Star Co Michael Jordan XRC

84-85 Star Co Michael Jordan XRC for sale on eBay now

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