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95-96 Michael Jordan Double Trouble

A bright insert with nice use of dual photos and readily available for sale.
Fleer Ultra Double Trouble
Michael Jordan

The 1995-96 Fleer Ultra Michael Jordan Double Trouble presents a very nice insert (and parallel insert) which can easily become a part of your collection along with the Gold Medallion parallel insert.

Like many cards of this era the Jordan Double Trouble is printed on extra thick card stock which makes it easy to find a copy in pristine condition. The card features two photographs of Jordan in action focusing on two aspects of his game.

As I mentioned earlier this card is available as both a standard insert and a rarer Gold Medallion parallel edition. The Gold Medallion edition looks the same as the standard version only it features a gold stamp over the standard Fleer Ultra stamp and was produced in a lower volume.

Both of these cards are great inserts readily available for sale online through eBay. They are inexpensive nice cards - a must for great Jordan cards collections!

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    95-96 Michael Jordan Double Trouble

    95-96 Michael Jordan Double Trouble for sale on eBay now

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