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A guide to collecting the best Michael Jordan cards
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96-97 Michael Jordan Hot Shots

One of the most intricate, well designed Jordan die-cuts of all time.
Flair Showcase Hot Shots
Michael Jordan

If you’re a big fan of Michael Jordan Die Cut cards as I am then you’ll absolutely love the 96-97 Flair Showcase Hot Shots! This has to be one of the most well designed die cut cards available.

With the thicker stock utilised by Flair they were able to design a card featuring all the curves and sharp points as in the Hot Shots and still maintain a high condition quality.

That doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t be careful and always check all edges and the many corners before buying this card.

Its not a cheap card but nor is it through-the-roof expensive. As the stunning showpiece that it is I highly recommend looking to track down a nice copy.

Happy collecting and best of luck!

96-97 Michael Jordan Hot Shots

96-97 Michael Jordan Hot Shots for sale on eBay now

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