96-97 Michael Jordan Flair Showcase Hot Shots

96-97 Michael Jordan
Flair Showcase Hot Shots

If you’re a big fan of Michael Jordan Die Cut cards as I am then you’ll absolutely love the 96-97 Flair Showcase Hot Shots! This has to be one of the most well designed die cut cards available.

With the thicker stock utilised by Flair they were able to design a card featuring all the curves and sharp points as in the Hot Shots and still maintain a high condition quality. Most copies of this card I’ve seen available for sale are in sensational condition with well graded copies also readily available.

That doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t be careful and always check all edges and the many corners before buying this card.

Its not a cheap card but nor is it through-the-roof expensive. As the stunning showpiece that it is I highly recommend looking to track down a nice copy.

Happy collecting and best of luck!