.cards domain names

If you’re an owner of a website of any sort relating to trading cards – like this one – I strongly recommend you check out the new and very cool top level domain (TLD) .cards.

The .cards domain has only been fully open to the public for a bit over a week so there are still some great opportunities to snap up a unique domain which may have had its .com counterpart long since taken.

For those who aren’t sure what I’m on about here I’ll give you an example. Say you run a website all about Babe Ruth trading cards and always wanted the domain baberuthcards.com but could never afford to buy it from the secondary market. Well, at the time of writing, you could simply buy the domain baberuth.cards for a just $40 through GoDaddy.

So not only could you own the exact keyword domain you always wanted but you could own one that is three letters shorter. In today’s world which is becoming more and more mobile device driven – the shorter the better!

I made a few purchases of .cards domains:

  • michaeljordan.cards which will redirect to this site as an extra way to reach it and I may choose to switch domains in the future (though I do really like jordancards.com)
  • lebronjames.cards which which, for me, matches my exact example above. I couldn’t find an available domain matching what I wanted for my LeBron James cards site so I ended up using a subdomain which was very long. Now I can switch the site over to this new and much cooler domain name.
  • shaq.cards as I own onealcards.com and have been wanting to build a site around one of my other favourite NBA legends for some time. I think having Shaq in the domain is much cooler than just O’Neal.
  • batman.cards as a quick way to reach my third trading cards website at batmancards.com though I’m not sure that I’ll entirely switch to the new domain as I do like my current Batman domain.

At only $40 these domains are good value and there’s plenty of great names still available. I highly recommend you check out GoDaddy ASAP if you own or are thinking of building a trading cards related website. Great domain names get snapped up quickly so don’t waste time if you’re thinking of grabbing one or two!

On a further note I must mention how impressed I am with WiredTree – my host for Michael Jordan Cards. The hosting is fast, rock solid and easily met all my needs for the past 18 months or so. The fact that its fully managed means I can request changes or fixes where needed without having to dive into the server myself – however I still have full access to do so when I wish.

If you’re looking for a VPS or are outgrowing shared hosting I highly recommend WiredTree.

Happy collecting and good luck tracking down a nice .cards domain name!