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1994-95 Collector's Choice Michael Jordan Gold Signature - BGS 9 with 10 auto

A very interesting Michael Jordan Collector's Choice Gold Signature has shown up for sale on eBay - this card is graded by BGS but something is different.

Bidding ended on the listing

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An interesting piece has shown up for sale on eBay in open bidding.

It’s a copy of the very nice Gold Signature version of the 94-95 Collector’s Choice set #23 - this card is essentially a baseball card of Jordan as part of the standard basketball set paralleled to feature a gold foil coating and facsimile signature.

I’ve got a scan of the card below and you can see the listing here.

1994-95 Collector's Choice Michael Jordan Gold Signature - BGS 9 with 10 auto

It’s a nice BGS 9 copy of the card however it has also been awarded a 10 for it’s autograph. Only there is no autograph - just a facsimile gold stamped signature.

I reached out to BGS in hope to received comment on what may have happened here but have not yet heard back. I will certainly update the post if I do.

We can only assume this is an error by BGS as the card is correctly designated as the Gold Signature version. I’ve never seen a facsimile signature awarded a grade before - including all other graded gold and silver 1994-95 Collector’s Choice cards I’ve seen.

(I’m also a little surprised the auto got a 10 as it does technically run over the border - however I guess, as both the border and auto feature the same gold foil, it’s not something actually visible. Perhaps this is purely a slabbing error.)

If true that this was a mistake by BGS it is very likely to be extremely rare and a one of a kind for this card.

As a truly unique and iconic insert, this card always stands out in any collection - this copy would jump right out in a rainbow of the standard card, Silver Signature, Gold Signature, BGS error Gold Signature, Blow-up Standard card and finally the amazing Blow-up autograph card.

I’m very keen to hear from anyone who has ever seen anything like this card before or has read anywhere that BGS have commented on a card like this.

I’m a big fan of Michael Jordan parallel cards and if you are too I highly recommend having a look for 94-95 Collector’s Choice Gold Signature Jordans for sale. (Of course don’t let the Silver Signature Jordan cards miss joining your collection either!)

Update 25 February 2018

Bidding has ended at $391 for this card which is surprisingly not a lot higher than other BGS 9 #23 Gold Signature cards have sold recently.

94-95 Collector's Choice Michael Jordan Gold Signature
94-95 Collector's Choice Michael Jordan Gold Signature
Stunning gold foil on a Jordan baseball card released in a basketball set.