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A guide to collecting the best Michael Jordan cards

Awesome Michael Jordan Card Collections - part one

There is no better way to check out a fellow collector's collection than having it shown off by the collector him or her self.
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Here we have the first in our series bringing together videos showing off spectacular collections and box breaks prominently featuring high end Jordan cards.

There is no better way to see a collection than be taken through it by the collector themselves sharing stories about their cards and their personal favorites. In some of the breaks you seriously can feel the intense excitement as the collector opens the packs hoping to pull a Jordan!

So enjoy these videos - I’m sure you’d be forgiven for heading straight off to buy new cards after seeing some of these!

Exquisite Box Break

A Belgian collector breaks a box of Exquisite and finds one of the best Jordan cards around!

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant High End 90s Collection

This collector takes us through his collection of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan high end 90s cards.

Jordan Buy Back Mail Bag Break

A collector hopes for his Jordan buy back card to be the Jordan rookie card.

High end basketball card collection

This collector shows us his high end basketball card collection with cards spanning many decades - nice! He also gives us a commentary of his collection.