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A guide to collecting the best Michael Jordan cards
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88-89 Fleer Michael Jordan Third Year Card

Fleer's third Michael Jordan card maintains a vintage look.
Michael Jordan

The Michael Jordan third year card is the 1988-89 Fleer card (the 3rd base card produced by Fleer featuring Jordan). This card - as with the second year card - features Jordan in action and can be bought for considerably less than the rookie card of two years earlier.

It features a triumphant Jordan high-fiving a team mate with classic old school design and card stock. It is commonly available for sale on eBay at very reasonable prices. A very nice piece of history to add to your collection!

Cards this age should always be bought graded if possible however you will have to pay a premium price for a well graded card. However, as long as you carefully check the condition of an ungraded card and buy from a trusted seller you should have no problems taking a risk on this one.

As with the Michael Jordan second year card, don’t forget about the Michael Jordan third year sticker to pair with the third year card - they display beautifully together.

88-89 Fleer Michael Jordan Third Year Card

88-89 Fleer Michael Jordan Third Year Card for sale on eBay now

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