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91 Michael Jordan Hoops Prototype Metal

A metal variation of the 1991 Hoops Prototype.
Michael Jordan

The 1991 Hoops Michael Jordan Metal Prototype was an experimental card produced by Hoops to test the idea that an aluminum trading card could be inserted into bread packaging as an incentive to buy the product.

This idea was abandoned, however, due to the concern that the sharp edges and corners could very easily cut anyone handling the card.

As a result there are very few of these very unique cards around. As at 2012, BGS 9.5 graded copies sell for around $1500 and ungraded copies anywhere between $150 and $500 depending on condition.

If the metal card is out of your budget or just plain unavailable due to rarity there is also a standard cardboard version - 1991 Hoops Michael Jordan Prototype.

You might also be interested in my blog post discussing this card with a collector who was handed one directly from the printing company back in 1991.

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    91 Michael Jordan Hoops Prototype Metal

    91 Michael Jordan Hoops Prototype Metal for sale on eBay now

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