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A guide to collecting the best Michael Jordan cards
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93-94 Michael Jordan Scoring Kings

One of the greatest Jordan cards of all time. An explosion of Jordan's aggression and purple tinged foil on the perfect background.
Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings
Michael Jordan

The Michael Jordan Scoring Kings is explosive - an explosion of lightning, an explosion of Jordanโ€™s aggression, an explosion of purple tinged stunning foil.

This card has both looks and rarity - what more could you want in a piece of Jordan history to add to your collection?

The Michael Jordan Scoring King features prominently in both my top 10 Michael Jordan cards of all time and top 10 Michael Jordan cards of the early 90โ€™s and should be a key card in every Michael Jordan fanโ€™s collection. Check out the listings below for plenty for sale online right now.

As at February 2023 the Michael Jordan Scoring Kings card value varies widely in raw condition due to its condition sensitivity - the range can be around $250-$450. PSA 9 is valued at around $2000 and PSA 10 copies valued at $11,000.

You might also like the Fleer Retro release featuring Jordan playing for UNC on a modern era Scoring Kings.

93-94 Michael Jordan Scoring Kings

93-94 Michael Jordan Scoring Kings for sale on eBay now

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