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96-97 Michael Jordan Big Man on Court

What a die-cut!
Skybox Z-Force Big Man on Court
Michael Jordan

The Michael Jordan Big Man On Court (often abbreviated to BMOC) is one of the world’s most sought after Michael Jordan insert cards. This card is one of Skybox’s extreme die cut cards (of which there are a couple of others).

This card features die cutting on three of the four edges around the words Big Man On Court with a high colour action photo of Jordan. The card is extremely rare and sells at accordingly high prices.

To top it off there is also a parallel insert card - the Michael Jordan Big Man On Court Z-Peat. This card is considerably rarer than the non Z-Peat version of the Jordan BMOC. It features a stunning gold foil coating over the standard Big Man On Court insert.

Finally, there is also a 11-12 Fleer Retro Big Man On Court.

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    96-97 Michael Jordan Big Man on Court

    96-97 Michael Jordan Big Man on Court for sale on eBay now

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