Michael Jordan Fleer Retro Inserts

Readers who have read a lot of my posts on this website will know that I am a huge fan of re-releases of classic, awesome insert styles – particularly if the original set did not feature a Michael Jordan card. A great example of this is the awesome 93-94 Upper Deck Die-Cut All Star set which was later re-issued with an almost identical design to include the:

After many months of discussion and Upper Deck Brag Photos, as well as a couple of bumps in the release date due to the sourcing of autographs from players, Upper Deck have finally released the 2011-12 Fleer Retro set this month.

You may be aware that some years back Panini secured an exclusive license with the NBA to become the only manufacturer of NBA basketball cards. This has meant that Upper Deck have been only able to release cards featuring players in their college basketball teams since.

In addition Upper Deck bought out other flailing basketball card companies over the years. This included both Fleer and Skybox.

In a decision of pure genius Upper Deck have been able to turn losing the NBA rights – an event that could have been detrimental to the company – into a major positve position by releasing this unique retro set.

Coupled with owning the rights to some of the world’s most awesome inserts by buying Fleer and Skybox – particularly those from the 90’s – we have an extremely cool set just released and just starting to flood eBay!

The retro set deliberately takes advantage of the requirement that only college photography may be used by featuring every player in the set in his college team. It uses a retro design, features ‘Rookie Sensations’ and brings back some of our favorite inserts from the last two decades.

Some cards even feature black and white photography which gives these inserts a real old school feel – a very nice combination given the history of the inserts being re-released.

So not only is this a retro set, as in the previous retro sets Upper Deck have released which were new cards simply made to look retro in design, this set brings back retro card feel, uses retro photography, and finishes it all off with actual retro insert designs.

Although the original inserts will always be the Jordan inserts to own, these re-released cards introduce a unique ability to add college cards in high-end inserts side-by-side with the originals.

A quick run-down of this set:

Personally, I am loving the idea of this set! The inserts above read like a list of the top Michael Jordan inserts of all time – even the top Michael Jordan cards of all time!

Additionally this set features players who retired well before inserts really took off. There are modern styled inserts featuring past greats like Jerry West, Chet Walker and Bill Laimbeer up for grabs for anyone busting these packs.

I can’t write a glowing post like this without featuring some scans of the old with the new inserts – you definitely want to see how awesome your collection will look when you can couple unreal classic inserts with Jordan playing for the Bulls with an identical card featuring Jordan playing for North Carolina College!

Next up we’ll have a look at some side-by-side scans of these old and new cards!

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