93-94 Michael Jordan Scoring Kings Fleer Ultra

93-94 Michael Jordan
Scoring Kings Fleer Ultra

This card presents a spectacular opportunity for both avid Jordan collectors and basketball card dealers. If you are lucky enough to track down (or already own) a mint – and I mean MINT – copy of this card then you, my friend, have a gem.

The demand for this card currently sees it regularly sell for considerably more than its book value in online auctions such as eBay. Get the card graded a BGS/PSA 9.5+ and the card can sell for over $600 on eBay – higher at trade shows.

The reasons for this are simple:

  • It is an excellent, eye-catching card which is seen as a necessity for serious Jordan collectors
  • It is a foil card and over 10 years old now so mint copies of the card are rare due to dark foil’s easy chipping

This card has both looks and rarity – what more could you want in a piece of Jordan history to add to your collection?