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Different types of refractors

As is the case with parallels by nature, refractor cards come in several flavors. There are also refractors around that were never intended to reach the open market!

Early days of Michael Jordan Refractors

The first couple of Michael Jordan refractor cards that became available were released by Topps Finest in the 1993-94 and 1994-95 sets. These cards featured high color, high gloss photos and backgrounds which were perfect for the refractor insert sets. Both cards sell for around $150+ on eBay ungraded.

Both cards are spectacular additions to your collection and are commonly available on eBay for sale. Check out the links below to track down these refractors for sale online:

Michael Jordan Mystery Refractors

Starting in 1995 Topps stated adding an extra level of excitement to pulling a refractor out of a pack – they started coating cards with a black sheet of plastic. These were called the Mystery Refractors. You knew you’d pulled one when the card came out black – you only didn’t know what you had until after you peeled the black coating!

Keep one condition issue in mind if you are looking to add this card to your collection – due to the peel which must be removed to determine the type of card (standard, silver, gold refractor) there can sometimes be some edge or corner damage depending how careful the original owner was when removing the peel.

Below is a scan of the 1995-96 Michael Jordan Topps Mystery Finest Bordered Refractor (left) and the 1995-96 Michael Jordan Finest Mystery Borderless Refractor (right). There was also a third refractor available in this season which we will see below in the ‘Test Refractors’ section however this one did not include the black coating.

If you’re interested in adding these cards to your collection check out the link below:

Michael Jordan Atomic Refractors

Atomic refractors are a spectacular addition to the refractor family. These great cards feature the same refracting style of rainbow light as the standard refractors however also include star bursts throughout the surface. The cards below shows this off very nicely (angled to show off the spectacular atomic refractor styling): the 96 Bowman’s Best Michael Jordan Atomic Refractor and the 97-98 Bowman’s Best Michael Jordan Atomic Refractor.

There are plenty of awesome atomic refractors around just waiting to join your collection:

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