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The 1984-85 Michael Jordan Star XRC Reprint Refractor

In 1996 Stadium Club Finest celebrated the historic 1984-85 Star Michael Jordan XRC by releasing a refractor reprint of the card. This card is the same in every way to the original except that it has an entirely foil coating with the refractor styling.

A very nice addition to your collection this card typically sells on eBay for around the $125 mark ungraded.

Note: Don’t confuse this card with the 1996 Topps Finest card. The Topps version of the card is not a refractor though it does feature the very nice Topps Finest styled foil. If you are looking to buy this card make sure to see evidence that the card is in fact a refractor by viewing a good photo of the card in the light on an angle or buying only from a well trusted dealer.

Michael Jordan Test refractors

There have been a couple of refractor inserts produced which were never intended to reach the marketplace. These cards are known as ‘Test Refractors’.

Test refractors are cards which were produced by the manufacturer as a proof of concept in order to determine the best cards to officially release as part of the set.

Two great examples of Michael Jordan Test Refractors are the 1995-96 Michael Jordan Finest Mystery Bordered Refractor and the 1997-98 Finest Gold Test Refractor.

The official 1995-96 refractor has no orange border (seen on the right below as comparison) with the bordered test refractor shown to the left. The 1997-98 refractors come in various flavors (including a test) and will be the subject of a continuation post shortly. (The follow up post is now online: 97-98 Finest Michael Jordan Refractors)

Test refractors are extremely rare and to my knowledge there has never been any information released indicating numbers available. If you’re looking to add a Michael Jordan Test Refractor to your collection be sure to keep an eye on the page below:

I hope this has given you some pointers about adding some of these spectacular parallel cards to your collection. Refractors can be very rare but do regularly turn up for sale online so keep an eye out! I’ve only mentioned a few of the very abundant options when it comes to buying Michael Jordan Refractor cards – check out the link below to see all Michael Jordan Refractors available for sale on eBay right now:

Happy collecting.

I have some continuations to this post which might interest you:

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