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A guide to collecting the best Michael Jordan cards

Pristine BGS 10 Michael Jordan Rookie Card for sale on eBay

There are only three Michael Jordan rookie cards which have ever been awarded the coveted 'Pristine' BGS 10 by Beckett's flagship grading company - one of these three is now for sale on eBay.
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We all know that the Michael Jordan rookie card is one of the most sought after card in basketball collecting history, so it was not surprising when BGS graded the first β€˜Pristine’ 10 back in April of 2006 that it sold for an extraordinary amount - $200,000.

Since April of 2006 there have been a further two Michael Jordan rookie cards graded a BGS 10. One of these spectacular three cards is currently for sale on eBay.

Top rated eBay seller pristine-paper has the card listed and a Buy It Now price of $125 000 with no interest in offers. So if you have a spare hundred grand one of the most spectacular cards available can be yours!

Check out the listing here

BGS 10 Michael Jordan rookie card on eBay
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86-87 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Card
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