NBA Dynasty Series Chicago Bulls

NBA Dynasty Series
Chicago Bulls

What Jordan collector doesn’t remember the two three-peats of the 1990’s when the Chicago Bulls took six titles of the NBA championships in one decade? Well, maybe those too young to remember it… But we are all in luck – whether you just want to re-live the dynasty or see it all for the first time – you can own highlights from the series on DVD.

I was recently lucky enough to see ‘NBA Dynasty Series – Chicago Bulls – The 1990s’ series on DVD. It features an hour long documentary from each of the six series as well as an almost complete pivotal game of each of the series. In all, the series consists of four double-sided DVDs.

The documentaries are excellent. They give you an insight into the inner workings of the Jordan / Pippen / Jackson led Chicago Bulls of the era. All the main players and coaches are interviewed and highlights from all games of the series are featured.

The rest of the set features one pivotal game from each of the series. The games shown are taken directly from NBC’s ‘Greatest Games’ series and still include breaks for ads etc. They sometimes move forward in the game without notice but I didn’t find this hindered my experience. The games still feature some interviews with players (including Michael Jordan and James Jordan – Michael’s father). One game show’s Michael Jordan playing while obviously very sick with a stomach bug – the game had to be won by the Bulls and Jordan was not going to let a bug prevent it.

In all I enjoyed the series and can highly recommend it for all Jordan, Bulls and NBA fans in general. It will give you a great insight into the era that made Michael Jordan and the Bulls famous world-wide.

Your can find the ‘NBA Dynasty Series – Chicago Bulls – The 1990s’ available new and used on eBay below.

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