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92-93 Michael Jordan Beam Team

Released to coincide with Topps' NBA light shows 'Beams Above the Rim' and one of Jordan's first true chase inserts.
Topps Stadium Club Beam Team
Michael Jordan

The 1992-93 Michael Jordan Topps Stadium Club Beam Team is one of the first true Michael Jordan insert cards. This card features Jordan flying to a dunk with the now iconic Beam Team holographic beams either side of the card.

It was released to coincide with the Topps sponsored ‘Beams Above the Rim’ laser light show in 1993.

Not only is the 92-93 Beam Team from my favourite era but it is also one of the first true chase inserts. Before the 92-93 season your only hope in pulling a non-base card was a sticker (which was guaranteed per pack) and some All-Star inserts which were closer to a sub-set. Some autos were available but exceedingly hard to pull.

This season manufacturers started including randomly inserted cards at attainable odds as individual sets - one of the highlights for me being the TSC Beam Team set. Another major highlight, I believe, is the Fleer Team Leader set.

The card features a brilliant design with holographic foil beams on either side of the player photo. Just watch out for centring issues which can be seen by checking the thickness of the beams at the top of the card.

This card is available in two variations: standard and Members Only - for more information see my blog post - What is the ‘Members Only’ Beam Team?

This is a classic Jordan that deserves a place in all Jordan card collections - be sure to add both the ‘Members Only’ and regular pack pulled versions.

92-93 Michael Jordan Beam Team

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