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A guide to collecting the best Michael Jordan cards
Popular Jordan cards

Michael Jordan Rookie Cards and Early Base Cards

Michael Jordan rookie cards and base cards from the era kicking off Jordan's career.

Every Jordan collector has an opinion - what is the true Michael Jordan rookie card? Are you in camp 86-87 Fleer #57 or 84-85 Star #101?

Vernacular aside, both cards are important pieces. They each have a place in every Jordan cards collection - as long as they fall within your prices range of course.

Both the 86 Fleer and 84 Star Jordan cards have both seen huge growth in more modern times. This has, unfortunately, placed them out of reach of a lot of collectors.

Most other early Jordan base cards remain affordable. Some very popular options include the 86-87 Fleer sticker #8, 87-88 Fleer #59 and 88-89 Fleer #17.

One of the most affordable is the iconic 1990-91 Fleer #26. The photo here shows Jordan flying to the rim in signature style. Not only is this an excellent use of photography but the card is also a Scottie Pippen shadow card.

Various official reprints of the Jordan 86-87 Fleer are available. A popular option is the Decade of Excellence cards. These were released in 1996 to celebrate 10 years since the 1986 Fleer set.

These options and more are usually readily available for sale on eBay - take a look below to see what might be the next early Jordan base card to join your collection.

Michael Jordan Rookie Cards and Early Base Cards

Michael Jordan Rookie Cards and Early Base Cards for sale on eBay now

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