84-85 Michael Jordan Star Co XRC #101

84-85 Michael Jordan
Star Co #101

The Star Co Michael Jordan XRC is a card I’ve discussed at length (with many others) on this website. It is possibly the most sought after Michael Jordan card in relation to its availability and a must have card for any serious Jordan cards collection.

It encapsulates history from the early days of Jordan’s career, has an interesting history itself with all the dramas and debate around the Star Co standing in the hobby and can still be quite easily tracked down for sale on eBay.

In October 2014 the first BGS 9.5 Michael Jordan XRC was finally found – at the time only 24 BGS 9 copies existed!

I recommend you check out the blog posts below if you’ve not already:

When looking to add this card to your collection I recommend only buying BGS graded copies or direct from well know and respected dealers such as Steve Taft’s eBay Store.

Best of luck adding this card to your collection and if you do I know it will stand right out!