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Notable mention: 1998-99 Michael Jordan Dunk ‘n Go Nuts

Manufactured by EX Century, card #15
The Triumvirate Illuminator isn’t the only acetate stock card to feature today. You can’t go past the EX Century Dunk ‘n Go Nuts acetate card when compiling a list of the top late 90’s Michael Jordan cards!

This card features a totally transparent background with high gloss type in the vein of the branding of Dunkin’ Donuts. It looks great in any collection and is quite a conversation piece.

Watch out for ‘gold’ or ‘orange’ versions as there is some contention whether these were a deliberate release or problems with some of the acetate stock discolouring over time. Personally, I’m not sure which is true however Beckett doesn’t feature anything named gold/orange but does highly grade cards with the colouration.

Acetate cards tend to hold their condition well in corners and edges due to the strength of the plastic.

The 98-99 Michael Jordan Dunk ‘n Go Nuts sells for around $200 – $230.

Notable mention: 1998-99 Michael Jordan Intimidation Nation

Manufactured by Skybox, card #1
The Skybox Intimidation Nation doesn’t feature any special effects like many of the other inserts in this list however it is a very cool card in its own right.

The Intimidation Nation insert set highlights close-up photography of the players and their intimidation of their opponents – a very cool and unique idea!

The cards are quite rare with a pack insert rate of 1:360 and command an equally high price at around $300.

Additionally there is a re-release version of this card as part of the 2011-12 Fleer Retro set which makes for a very cool side-by-side display.

Notable mention: 1998-99 Michael Jordan

Manufactured by Flair, card #13
I’m a big fan of this card – in fact I’m in the process of developing a fan site around the domain name!

This card celebrates the boom of the internet with the play on words for the domain name of celebrating the whole, very cool set. All players in the set are given email addresses on the card with Michael Jordan receiving [email protected].

As with all of Flair’s productions, the card is printed on the thicker and more durable stock. The printed circuit board background features a high gloss foil which looks fantastic in person. And finally the card features a high impact photo of Jordan taking it to the net!

This one is a must have for all great collections – it sells for around $200 – $250 ungraded online.

Notable mention: 1998-99 Michael Jordan Noyz Boyz

Manufactured by Skybox Thunder, card #9
The Skybox Thunder Noyz Boys set features a very cool die-cut design with a lenticular-like coating giving the cards a varying colouration and texture depending on the angle of view.

The card displays fantastically especially given that you can display the re-release version from the 2011-12 Fleer Retro set alongside it!

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