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7: Michael Jordan Big Man on Court Cards

Manufactured by Skybox Z-Force, card #4 and #9
There are three Skybox Z-Force Big Man/Men on Court cards which I highly recommend for any top Michael Jordan late 90’s insert collection: the 1996-97 standard Big Man on Court, the 1996-97 Z-Peat Big Man on Court and the 1997-98 Michael Jordan Big Men on Court.

The 1996-97 Big Man on Court features a stunning high colour, highly intricate die-cut design which looks great in all Michael Jordan cards collections. There is a very rare parallel version in the Z-Peat parallel which features a spectacular foil overlay. These cards sell in the realm of $200 – $300 and $600 – $700 respectively.

Additionally there is the 1997-98 Big Men on Court which is a very cool and very rare card. It is quite plain in comparison to the 1996-97 Big Man on Court, however I think the restraint and subtleness shown with this card is elegant and effective.

As with many cards in this list we don’t have to stop there! There are a further two Big Man/Men on Court cards you can couple with these in your collection – those release as part of the Fleer Retro sets. The retro cards feature the same designs as the original Big Man/Men on Court cards however show Jordan playing in his college uniform.

6: Michael Jordan Star Rubies

Manufactured by Skybox, card #29, #235 and #23
The SkyBox Star Rubies Michael Jordan cards are stunning parallel cards of the basic Skybox sets. The cards were limited to a print run of only 50 cards and are extremely well sought after.

By far my favourite is the 1998-99 SkyBox Premium Star Rubies #23 Michael Jordan. This card features a unique foil design along with a high gloss deep etched photo as well as the beautiful ruby foil effect on the lettering and Skybox logo we’ve come to love of the Star Rubies series.

As well as the 1998-99 Star Rubies, the cards #29 and #235 of the 1997-98 set are also worth a mention. Also featuring high foil and high colour photography these are spectacular additions.

These cards stand out in any collection and are certainly worth the effort to try and track down. And finally – there are retro versions also available which can help fill the void if you don’t have any of the late 90’s versions.

5: 1996-97 Michael Jordan Hot Shots

Manufactured by Flair Showcase, card #1
You may have noticed the Michael Jordan Hot Shots featured as part of my website header – this is due to the awesome die-cut design which I think is very cool!

Featuring the vibrant colours and flame die-cut design the Hot Shots is a card that will always standout!

The card sells for around $400 – $500 ungraded online.

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