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7: 1996-97 A Cut Above

Manufactured by E-X2000, card #5
If you’re a fan of die-cuts then the E-X2000 A Cut Above cards are for you!

These cards feature a high quality die-cut design with a saw blade in the background overlaid with a very nice coloured foil effect. Its a real talking piece in any nice Jordan cards collection.

It is a somewhat rare card and sells for around $650 – $700 ungraded online.

You can also look at the 2011-12 Fleer Retro A Cut Above which features the same design with Jordan in his college uniform – a very nice side-by-side piece and considerably cheaper at around $100!

Watch out for issues with the die-cut edges when buying ungraded.

6: Michael Jordan Big Man on Court Cards

Manufactured by Skybox Z-Force, card #4 and #9
There are three Skybox Z-Force Big Man/Men on Court cards which I highly recommend for any top Michael Jordan late 90’s insert collection: the 1996-97 standard Big Man on Court, the 1996-97 Z-Peat Big Man on Court and the 1997-98 Michael Jordan Big Men on Court.

The 1996-97 Big Man on Court features a stunning high colour, highly intricate die-cut design which looks great in all Michael Jordan cards collections. There is a very rare parallel version in the Z-Peat parallel which features a spectacular foil overlay. These cards sell in the realm of $200 – $300 and $600 – $700 respectively.

Additionally there is the 1997-98 Big Men on Court which is a very cool and very rare card. It is quite plain in comparison to the 1996-97 Big Man on Court, however I think the restraint and subtleness shown with this card is elegant and effective.

As with many cards in this list we don’t have to stop there! There are a further two Big Man/Men on Court cards you can couple with these in your collection – those release as part of the Fleer Retro sets. The retro cards feature the same designs as the original Big Man/Men on Court cards however show Jordan playing in his college uniform.

5: 1996-97 Michael Jordan Hot Shots

Manufactured by Flair Showcase, card #1
You may have noticed the Michael Jordan Hot Shots featured as part of my website header – this is due to the awesome die-cut design which I think is very cool!

Featuring the vibrant colours and flame die-cut design the Hot Shots is a card that will always standout!

The card sells for around $400 – $500 ungraded online.

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