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1: Michael Jordan Precious Metal Gems

Manufactured by Metal Universe, card #23 and #1
It’s probably no surprise the the Michael Jordan PMG cards are rated at my number one insert cards of the late 90’s – the cards command hefty sales prices, look amazing and are extremely rare.

Actually parallel cards to the standard Metal Universe sets, they are available in two versions in the most sought after 1997-98 set. The Michael Jordan PMG Red was limited to 90 and the Michael Jordan PMG Green limited to only 10 cards made (they are numbered as a group to 100 – 1-10 for the PMG green and 11-100 for the PMG red).

The other PMG set I’ve featured here is the 1998-99 Michael Jordan PMG which was limited to 50 cards.

The Precious Metal Gems are extremely sought after and sell for many thousands of dollars. Recently a BGS 8.5 1997-98 Michael Jordan PMG Red sold for $8000. The PMG Greens will sell for many times the price of the PMG Reds.

Additional to these late 90’s Precious Metal Gems are the 2008-09 PMGs and Fleer Retro re-releases – all spectacular additions to your collection but be prepared for the cost!

The earlier PMGs suffered from some serious chipping issues however this seems to have been sorted out somewhat in the re-releases.

So there you have my personal top 10 Michael Jordan late 90’s inserts. I’m keen to hear what you this and your own top 10 lists in the comments below! Happy collecting!

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