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Michael Jordan Precious Metal Gems

We haven’t been left without a new PMG featuring Michael Jordan in this release! As always these cards are extremely cool and will garner a lot of interest.

The new PMGs have a slightly revised design and are still cool as ever.

Technically, I guess, the PMG Blue is a retro of the retros as there was no original release…

Michael Jordan All-Star Retro

In the same vein as the Michael Jordan retro Team Leader, we have the Michael Jordan retro All Star which mimics the 92-93 Fleer All Star.

Extreme old school appeal has been recreated beautifully with the new retro release. I like how Upper Deck have ensured the card stays true to the original!

These are both very cool cards with real history and look great in any nice collection.

Michael Jordan N-Tense Retro

I was always a fan of the Skybox releases back in the 90’s and really enjoyed the Skybox E-Motion set. The key insert from that set for me was the Michael Jordan N-Tense with its high gold foil appearance, nice texturing and holographically reflective highlights.

The 13-14 Fleer Retro N-Tense maintains all these great features with a new release.

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