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Michael Jordan Meltdown

The early 90’s saw a lot of use of really cool foil – often featuring deep textures. One fine example is the Skybox Meltdown. Its an easy card to add to your collection and looks very cool holding its own nicely!

So side-by-side these two cards look amazing!

Michael Jordan Golden Touch

Upper Deck have previously re-released the Golden Touch as part of the 2011-12 Fleer Retro set. That was the 1997-98 Golden Touch however. This year we see the 1996-97 Michael Jordan Golden Touch recreated in stunning retro form.

This is a very popular and somewhat hard to find card. It features the awesome heavily textured gold foil that we’ve seen on some other retro releases and and truly intricate die-cut design.

I definitely recommend this one if you’re looking for a nice showpiece!

Michael Jordan Star Rubies

The Skybox Star Rubies were a popular set back in 1997-98 when they were first released and I’m sure this new card will garner along the same lines of interest! The original was limited to 50 cards only and Upper Deck have maintained that rarity with the retro card.

Perhaps not quite as awesome as the stunning original, this card will still look very nice in your collection. And of course who doesn’t want to be one of only 50 people to own one!

That wraps up my early run down of the Michael Jordan inserts available in the 2013-14 Fleer Retro set. There are more inserts and autograph cards available which I hope to update to this post as time allows.

If you’re keen to buy I’ve got heaps of connections to listings online right now in my buy Michael Jordan cards section which might help you out.

I’m keen to hear your thoughts on the new release in the comments below and happy collecting!

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