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7: 93-94 Michael Jordan Living Legends

Manufactured by Fleer, card #4

The Michael Jordan Living Legends is in the same category as the Michael Jordan Power in the Key – a spectacular card which earned its owner high respect back in the day!

Fleer released the Living Legends as part of their 93-94 set – it was the flagship insert and only pulled at one per box.

The Living Legends is a high gloss gold foil card with two deep-etched photos. Its a standout card in any collection and very easy to find for sale online.

6: 92-93 Michael Jordan Total D

Manufactured by Fleer, card #5

At number 5 in my top 10 early 90’s inserts is the Michael Jordan Total D. This card captures the transition from 80’s – 90’s perfectly in its design both front and back. Its also refreshing to see a card highlighting Jordan’s defensive capabilities.

The card was the flagship insert of the 92-93 Fleer offering and is readily available for $15 – $25.

5: 93-94 Michael Jordan Famous Nicknames

Manufactured by Upper Deck, card #7

A smashed backboard, Jordan flying for a dunk and one word “AIR”. This card celebrates Air Jordan’s nickname in the midst of his leading the Bulls to two three-peat championships.

The Michael Jordan Famous Nicknames card is a simple and elegant card which is so easy to find for sale that its an absolute must for your collection.

Oh and whoever has the 1/1 buy back auto has a stunner of a card!

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