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4: 92-93 Michael Jordan Team Leaders

Manufactured by Fleer, card #4

The 92-93 Michael Jordan Team Leaders does not lie – Jordan was THE team leader on court leading his team to six championships.

The card is designed in a similar fashion to the 92-93 Total D – after all it is from the same set – with simple early 90’s design and heavy use of photography.

The Team Leaders was only available in rack packs and was thus slightly harder to come by.

There is also the buy back auto Michael Jordan Team Leaders and a very nice 13-14 Fleer Retro Team Leaders.

3: 94-95 Michael Jordan Refractor

Manufactured by Topps Finest, card #331

If your collection is documenting history then you must feature Jordan in his number 45 jersey.

What better way to do this than the stunning 94-95 Michael Jordan Refractor!

This card comes in at number three in my 10 ten early 90’s Michael Jordan cards pipping the 93-94 original refractor due to the history of the jersey Jordan is wearing. Interestingly there is a version of the base card 94-95 Topps Finest where Jordan is wearing #23.

As with all refractors, this card features the stunning highly reflective, refracting surface which has to been seen in person to be believed. I’ve featured a sample on an angle below to give you an idea of the effect.

Jordan only spent half a season in the number 45 jersey so cards in this jersey are limited – this is the perfect insert to fit this bill!

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