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2: 94-95 Michael Jordan SP Championship Playoff Heroes Die-Cut

Manufactured by Upper Deck, card #P2

I remember how rare this card was back in the 90’s! As part of the 94-95 set SP released the Playoff Heroes insert – it wasn’t a rare insert however and many collectors had them… it was the ultra hard to find parallel die-cut version that everyone looked for!

I appreciate the restraint in such a rare card. It is identical in every way to the standard Playoff Heroes with simply the small half key shaped die-cut applied.

The card features a nice textured stock and rich bronze coloured stamps set off the photo of Jordan flying to a dunk nicely.

Its not a cheap one to find – often selling over $100.

1: 93-94 Michael Jordan Scoring Kings

Manufactured by Upper Deck, card #5

Regular readers will know of my appreciation for the Michael Jordan Scoring Kings!

Jordan was the ultimate king of scoring through the 90’s so it is no surprise that a card featuring him in his element will top the list. The aggressive post up photo of Jordan couples amazingly well with the high gloss, reflective foil lightning strike – this is exactly what it must have felt like for those apposing Jordan in his prime: an explosion of lightning.

The Michael Jordan Scoring Kings is readily available, but a well sought after card, so it does command a decent sales price. Expect to pay at least $75 for a nice copy and I’ve seen some recently sell for over $120.

There is a 1/1 buy back auto around and Fleer released a new version as part of their 13-14 set.

So there you have my personal top 10 Michael Jordan inserts from the early 90’s. Top 10 lists will always be subjective to the author so I’m keen to hear everyone’s thoughts in the comments below.

Happy collecting.

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