Any great Michael Jordan cards collection should be on display – these cards are made as visual pieces and should be enjoyed as such. Of course there are some exceptions (like the BGS 10 Michael Jordan rookie cards or Exquisite 1/1 Jordan cards) which should be securely locked away in a bank vault.

For the most part, however, your collection will look spectacular hanging on a wall or in a display cabinet. This post will attempt to bring some ideas to you for displaying the cards you’ve so diligently collected.

Wall Hanging Display Holders

These cases are fantastic for displaying your favorite cards on a wall. They come in varying sizes generally of 3, 6, 9 and 12. They are screw down units in the same fashion as single card protectors. The black border really makes your cards pop out from the wall in style.

As with everything there are good options and cheaper options. The more expensive card display units will have higher quality plastics, more and better screws and UV protection (to some extent).

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Display Cabinets

For large collections it is hard to go past a proper card display cabinet. These cabinets typically hold up to 50 cards in a stained timber frame with a glass door. They are wall mountable or can be stored on a table top.

These cabinets don’t always offer the same level of protection for your cards as they simply provide secured shelf space. You are best to keep any cards stored in one of the cabinets inside some sort of hard case or top loader for extra protection.

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Super Thick Single Card Display Holders

Finally – what if you have that one card in your collection that is your absolute favorite? That card that should be displayed alongside nothing else? That is where you might like a super thick single card display unit and stand.

Theses single card hardcases come in varying thickness and are commonly available at half an inch to an inch thick. They also have varying recesses thickness for the card itself to accommodate some of today’s super thick cards. UV protection is also common.

Your card will be very safe stored in one of these babies! Couple it with a small table top stand and you have a spectacular way of showing off the showpiece in your collection.

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Will These Cases Protect My Cards?

Displaying your cards naturally means the possibility of damage is increased over storing them away in a secure place. But why have a collection if you never get to enjoy it? If you keep the following points in mind you will increase your enjoyment of your collection while keeping it safe at the same time:

  • Never place bare cards into any holder if possible. Always use a penny sleeve inside plastic holders to protect the card from scratches. Always use a hard case or top loader inside display cabinets.
  • Always keep cards out of direct sunlight. No matter what the UV protection capability of your holder or display cabinet never place cards in sunlight. The cards will fade over time in direct sunlight and the heat from the sun can warp your cards.
  • When hanging always use the correct wall screw into a stud. Avoid quick and easy wall hanging methods like tapes and removable stickers. Use the correct screw for your wall type and ensure the screw goes into a stud. You don’t want your card display falling to the floor!

I hope you got some ideas there and enjoy having your awesome Jordan collection on display for all to enjoy. To buy these display units please see the links below:

Happy collecting.