From time to time I get emails from readers of the website with questions about Jordan cards in their collection. Usually the questions are around a value for a certain card and come with a scan of the card if it isn’t extremely common. Late last month a query of this nature came through from Roy of Kentucky… only so far we are stumped.

Roy has been a collector of Michael Jordan cards for many years – he was privileged to be right into the hobby back when Jordan was an emerging star and some of the most coveted sets now days were common place in hobby shops. He has sent through two scans of Star Jordan cards looking for approximate values having watched eBay for over a year and not seen any identical cards turn up.

The two cards are below. He bought these as part of bagged sets back in the early 90’s.

85 Michael Jordan Star Co Unknown

85 Michael Jordan
Star Co Unknown
86 Michael Jordan Star Co Unknown

86 Michael Jordan
Star Co Unknown

Not being completely knowledgeable about the Star sets I haven’t been able to track down names or values for these cards. Both are numbered #1 and a quick look through the Star checklists only turns up the 1985 Star Michael Jordan Super Teams as one possible match. However this isn’t the card Roy has – see below for scans.

In addition Roy has mentioned the following:

“I noticed that the picture from the 1986 white border I have is very similar to the 1985 Super but the picture isn’t cropped as much as the one in the Super set. And as far as the 1985 red border I have, it has the same picture as the 1986 Court Kings but the picture isn’t cropped as much as that one either. But then again, Star reused their pictures a whole lot and even some of the pictures used in the star sets are used in the 1986 Fleer premier set.”

Thanks to Roy tracking down some scans below are the 1985 Super and 1986 Court Kings as he mentioned above.

85 Michael Jordan Star Co Supers

85 Michael Jordan
Star Co Supers
86 Michael Jordan Star Co Court King

86 Michael Jordan
Star Co Court King

So if you have any ideas about these cards please write in to let us know – we will pass your information onto Roy. Hopefully we can help Roy find out more about these great cards which, at the very least due to the lack of information around, must be super rare!

Happy collecting everyone and let me know if we can help you with any Jordan card related queries you have.

Update 12 Aug 2010: Roy has seen a copy of one of these cards appear for sale on eBay. The card sold for $110 (see screenshot below). I have also recently interviewed Steve Taft who has shared some of his expertise in the area of Star Co cards.

Unknown Michael Jordan Star Co Sale

Happy collecting.